When all else fails…

When all else fails… Do what you know how to do. I know how to paint. I wasn’t BORN knowing how to paint. It is a skill I have spent the past 15+ years developing. Sometimes with great purpose. But more often than not in the midst of shooing off all the “WHY I am […]

Shadows with a plan. (February calendar!)

Coneflower is part of my “Sad Flower” series — a series of four botanical paintings, representing four heavy-hearted flowers I found growing in various locations. In the twelve-plus-years I’ve been painting, I have never created a “sad series.” I guess I’d never felt such a heaviness of heart before as when I was planing this new group of […]

Trying to embrace “good enough” (2015 Flower Calendars for sale!)

A year of beautiful flowers for 2015… Several months ago, I decided I had run out of time to create a 2015 calendar. But then I visited my brother and his family in Wisconsin over the weekend, and saw my 2014 calendar hanging on his refrigerator. That is what finally inspired me to try to squeeze in one […]

Hydrangea Boxes for June

 “Hydrangea Boxes“ is the last painting I created at the studio I had inside my shop called Home COLOR. I just moved out over the weekend, and we are working like crazy to get the new store and studio up and running. Right now I feel a little homeless. And OVERWHELMED. Our plans are exciting, but feel a […]

Happy May Day! A New bouquet for YOU…

 “Mrs. Horton’s Roses” is one of my most recent paintings. I created it during the month of March to tide us over until the flowers began to bloom again. In the spirit of “May Day,” I am leaving this small bouquet at your virtual doorstep. Enjoy this celebration of spring for the entire month of MAY! To read the story […]

A picture of HOPE for your March Desktop

“Gardenia” is the name of my most recent oil painting. It was inspired by a photo I took one warm and dewey summer morning in my backyard. Nothing beats the fragrance of a large mass of flowering Gardenia bushes. I hope this calendar is a reminder to you that this long winter we have had […]

An evergreen flower for your February Desktop

HELLEBORE • ©2014 Marie Scott • click on this image to download this free computer desktop calendar “Hellebore” is the name of one of my most recent paintings. It was inspired by a photo I took one winter morning at Falls Park in Greenville, SC . This beautiful flower was blooming in the middle of winter, as […]

Happy New Year, 2014!

A blank slate. [ Oh the possibilities of a brand new year! ]  What will you do with these next twelve months?? [ Sometimes all the possibilities overwhelm me. I am trying not to worry about it. ] Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.  — Corrie Ten […]

A new calendar to welcome December, 2013!

The last month of 2013. [ How is that possible? ]  Time flies when you’re having fun?? I hope this last month of 2013 is the best month of the year for you. Click on the image above, to download this calendar to your computer to make it your “wallpaper.” Click HERE to see photos […]