Too much of a good thing. (A lot of overgrown Camellias)

It appears we are moving. I fell in love with a little house that is right across the street from my shop. And then Tim fell in love with it. And then Nathan… And now, it is just in the process of getting re-zoned so that we can actually live in it. The landscaping is […]

A Mirror of Memories

This “Memory Mirror” was a collaboration between the 25 kids in my son’s class. It’s their contribution to their school silent auction fund-raiser on November 9th. They each brought in some objects that were meaningful to them, and then working as a team, they placed their items on the mirror. You could say that there’s […]

12 Ways to use your Creativity in 2012

1.) Make a new wreath for your front door You would not believe how often I hear the phrase “I wish I were an artist.” This always makes me sad, because in my mind, anyone who spends time using their creativity IS an artist. So in the spirit of trying to “make more artists” this […]

Turning Pumpkins into Snowmen

Every now and then there are days that I am particularly happy to be ME. On the day I finished this little pumpkin into snowman project, I was so completely pleased with myself — for two reasons. 1. I dreamed up this super cute, super simple way to use my pumpkins all winter, saving them […]

Still snowed in! (another coloring sheet for making more art)

Four snow days this week, plus the already scheduled days off for Friday and Monday = A 10-day Weekend! I was supposed to be teaching “art day” at my son Nathan’s school on Thursday but it got snowed out! In preparation for my talk to all the 4th grade budding-artists, I made a few sheets […]

ANOTHER snow-day in South Carolina??! (make some more art!)

It snowed about 7 inches today here in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. So since there are no plows to remove the snow, we will just wait for it to melt. I LOVE THAT. School is already cancelled for tomorrow too, and I’m guessing it will be on Wednesday too. Whoo-hoo! Click here to download another snow […]

A little help to get you started making some art…

Here’s a snowman I sketched over Christmas break. I printed two copies out on watercolor paper, and then my son Nathan and I painted them together. It started out all fun and games… but then unfortunately, the right side of my brain took over. (The side where there are no words or concept of time.) […]

sewing up a storm

By now you may be seeing a trend. I am in love with pillows. I spent an entire week this month doing some sewing. And I’m still not done! The new plan to feed my obsession for pillows, is make new COVERS for the pillows I already have. Covers that simply zip on and off […]

An old lamp gets a makeover…

                There was an old lamp lighting up Tim’s office that I’ve had my eye on to use in another room of our home. He recently put up some wall sconces, so once he didn’t need its light anymore, I snagged the old lamp for our family room. […]