A calendar for you! Art for July 2017.

Why do I give my art as GIFTS? Because I think that everybody could use a few more Pictures of Hope in their lives! This month’s giveaway is a July Calendar for your desktop that includes my most recent painting called “Endurance.” Here is is drying on the easel in my studio today while the […]

Endurance. What is YOUR story?

My most recent “Endurance Story” happened in Charleston, SC. In the middle of a sun-baked park. Surrounded by several years of my artwork. Protected only by a 10″ x 10″ tent. For an endless string of 17 straight days.  By the end of DAY ONE — all I could think was… “How did this ever […]

Goodbye, Hydrangeas…

Charleston here we come! I am not thrilled about leaving my hydrangea behind. It is in full bloom right now, and by the time I return from my time exhibiting at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival, it will probably be spent and faded. There are some other things I’m not crazy about leaving behind either. Our […]

Reflections on our great Charleston adventure

After spending 16 consecutive days sitting in Marion Square during Charleston’s Piccolo Spoleto Outdoor Art Exhibit, here are a few thoughts and observations I came away with. I should definitely keep painting. I had an overwhelming response to my COLOR, subjects, and style. I am definitely not doing any more 2-day outdoor art shows (at […]

putting all my chips on the table (and then some)

Today’s the big day. We’re heading to Charleston for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival which is the cross roads for my painting business. I’m praying that this show will give me some clear direction as to whether or not I keep pursuing my dream of becoming a famous painter, or whether (for this season of life) I’m […]

Done! “beach”

“Beach” if the final piece in my series of four oil paintings called “VACATION!” I’m planning to have this painting with me at the Midtown Festival of the Arts in Atlanta on September 25th and 26th. If you go to the in the  Snapshot section of my website, you’ll find the story of what inspired this painting called […]

Done! “buoys”

No matter how often I type the word “buoys” it still seems like it’s spelled incorrectly. Isn’t it funny how some words will do that the more you look at them? “Buoys” if the third of four oil paintings from my “Vacation” series. It’s one of my FAVORITE paintings that I’ve created in 2010. If […]

Done! “boat dock”

Here is the second of four oil paintings from my “Vacation” series. I’ll have  these with me at my upcoming art show in Atlanta on September 25th and 26th, 2010. You can read what’s my favorite part of this painting called  “boat dock,” in the  Snapshot section of my website. If you want to receive […]

Done! “bait stand”

All four of the paintings in my “Vacation” series are done and dry. I’ll have  these with me at my upcoming art show in Atlanta on September 25th and 26th. You can read the story behind the  inspiration for “bait stand” in the  Snapshot section of my website.

Art Fair Business 101

Whenever I’m talking to people about applying to an art show, more often than not, they seem surprised by the fact that you “have to apply.” So here is my first lesson on what it takes to get into an art show. I spent the first half of this year working on creating two different […]