Our Grocery Store Beautification Project (The making of Sunflower – part 2)

A photo diary:

How “Sunflower” was born last summer…

My husband Tim and I love to take old places and make them new.

We normally do this to neglected houses, but last year we did it to an old grocery store.


We found this fireplace at a funky place in Moonville, SC called “Old House Salvage.” Later in the project, this fireplace mantel became a more permanent-looking addition to the store — thanks to Tim’s carpentry talent.

It took a couple months, and added more than a couple of gray hairs to our head.

But the results were worth it. The town’s old Winn Dixie was now the town’s newest art gallery and gift shop.

After a longer labor than originally expected, Sunflower came to life on July, 10, 2014!

Here are photos of our “labor of love.” Thank goodness we had the help of several faithful friends!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

SUnflower Done!

A photo from Sunflower in full bloom. May 11, 2015.

Our job here is almost done.

Now that the old grocery is back to life, its time for us to move on to making something else more beautiful.

Beginning in August, another locally-owned store called “Goose Feathers” is going to take what we’ve started, and build on it. And while Goose Feathers is expanding into a larger space — starting in August, Sunflower is going to go back and focus on what we do best. Creating beautiful places, spaces, and WORKS OF ART.

So what’s next for Sunflower?

Could it be ANOTHER fixer-upper project is in our very near future? Stay tuned for the exciting details…

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