11 Days and counting

Sunflower’s newly acquired electric typewriter inspires my 6th grade son to write this Japanese Tanka Poem.

Sunflower Tanka

Sunflower Tanka • compliments of my funny son

Initial questions this typewriter raised:

  • What IS this?
  • What does it DO?
  • Can we PLEASE get this?

Secondary questions regarding the typewriter:

  • How do I save my file?
  • Why doesn’t it delete?
  • How do I center?

Current benefits of the new typewriter:

  • “Mom, can we go to Sunflower?”
  • Do you have any more paper?
  • Can we get more paper?
  • A peaceful silence in the shop, accompanied by the steady stream of keys clicking away

Thank you, electric typewriter — for inspiring the inaugural act of creativity within the walls of our new  location.

What is a Japanese Tanka Poem?

(Same thing I asked.) A Tanka Poem is similar to a Haiku only a little longer. Read more about it here…

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