Happy Father’s Day

I am very lucky.

"Full-Service Dad"• linoleum block print •  ©2014 Marie Scott

“Full-Service Dad”• linoleum block print • ©2014 Marie Scott

I am VERY LUCKY to have a dad who inspired me to design, carve, and print my very first (since 5th grade art class) Linoleum Block Print. It is called “Full-service Dad” because that is what MY DAD has been to me, for the last 43.5 years!

His extravagant love for me, has always made it really easy for me to think of God as my loving Heavenly Father. His name is listed in the dictionary under the word generous. I am proud to call him my dad.

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I also have ANOTHER DAD who I was VERY LUCKY to acquire through marriage.

Next year he will get his own design and Linoleum Block Print. His might talk about all the ways he helps me and my husband and son. Painting my studio. Painting my store. Painting my house. Painting my NEW store. Etc., Etc. (Probably way too many gross and time-consuming jobs to fit into one design.) He also demonstrates God’s love for us in how he gives us so much of his time.

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