A picture of HOPE for your March Desktop


GARDENIA • ©2014 Marie Scott • click on the image to download this free computer desktop calendar

“Gardenia” is the name of my most recent oil painting.

It was inspired by a photo I took one warm and dewey summer morning in my backyard.

Nothing beats the fragrance of a large mass of flowering Gardenia bushes.

I hope this calendar is a reminder to you that this long winter we have had will eventually end. Life will again be restored to your yard when the weather finally warms up.

But even better than summer — is the promise that one day ALL will be restored –in the new heaven and the new earth.

In that perfect place, the Gardenia’s will bloom for eternity… not just a few precious weeks. This is what keeps ME going!

To see the entire collection of my botanical oil paintings, visit my on-line gallery at  www.mariescottstudios.com Or the next time you are passing through Travelers Rest, SC stop into my real-life gallery called Marie Scott HOME COLOR to view them in person.

To hear more about the new heave and the new earth, visit http://www.downtownpres.org/sermon-downloads
March 10, 2013 “The New Jerusalem” talks about this. 

[Or listen to any of the messages… they are ALL full of Hope!]

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