A delightful Monday

petite pears in progress

petite pears in progress

On Monday, I actually did what my wise husband has telling me to do for the last decade. Just paint for the sake of painting.

I had been given a Birthday/Christmas-gift request anyway, so on Monday I decided to take his advice.

What a delightful day I had. Just painting for fun. Just painting to make somebody happy. The surprising thing was how happy this made me.

I made a big mess, and had to come home twice to wash out all my brushes. But at the end of the day, I had four simple little paintings that will brighten up my mother-in-law’s home for years.

Four paintings that will remind her of how much I appreciate the bazillion hours she has spent helping me with my countless art projects over the last several years.

Four paintings to get me thinking again, about why it was I quit a decent job to start painting in the first place.

Four paintings that reminded me of how much I really do love to paint — especially when it’s something not so hard. πŸ™‚

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