Swimming With The Beverly Hillbillies

An interesting post by a fellow Greenville artist I admire…

art by skip johnston


I’m always thrilled when someone of a certain age (ahem!) accomplishes a newsworthy feat. Diana Nyad (64) is the first to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. I truly admire her.

This isn’t a post about swimming. I like to swim. Just not that much.

But something she said in an interview caught my attention because it has to do with the creative process. A reporter had asked on an earlier attempt what she was thinking about during her epic swim. She laughed and said she wasn’t thinking about anything. However, the theme from The Beverly Hillbillies kept running through her head.

Which made me think of the painting above.

I painted it when I was 25, just out of school. I remember a painting instructor had said that, after we finished school, we’d figure out everything we’d been taught was bullshit. He meant to provoke. It was an…

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