2 Shopping Days until Christmas…

color schematic

HOME COLOR’s Gift Idea #2:

A Color Plan for your home!

Does the thought of picking out paint colors for your walls make you want to CRY? I made be weird, but it actually makes me want to SMILE!

I love, love, love to help people design a COLOR PLAN for how the rooms in their home can flow and tie together.

New or old homes alike, paint can be a miracle worker. (OR, the kiss of death.)

Treat yourself (or your loved one) to some new colors in your home for 2013. A typical COLOR PLAN includes two one-hour meetings with you in your home, and about 4 hours of my design time in between those two meetings.

The cost for a COLOR PLAN is about $300.

Home Color is CLOSED TODAY(Sunday, December 23) for a day of rest!

Below is a quote from one of my Color Clients:


I just wanted to tell you that we started painting the blue last night. And, at this moment, with this morning light, it is my favorite of the three! I love it. It feels so expansive. I have the sky on my wall.

We just painted the small wall that had the painting of the tree on it. The other thing I like is that it brings out the yellow in my sofa. If all goes well, we are planning on finishing the family room and kitchen this weekend. 

Thank you,

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