The most wonderful time of the year (Pansy Season!)

It is Pansy Season at my home in South Carolina.

I love pansies!

What I love MOST about pansies, is that they are hearty in Zone 7,  which  — by no small coincidence — is exactly where my yard happens to be located.

Yesterday I treated myself to an hour at our local greenhouse. It was worth the rushing around both before and after, just to have one peaceful hour of soaking in the smells and sight of the sea of pansies I found at Northside Greenhouse.

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And then this morning, with the help of my very kind husband, we planted ALL the pansies I had brought home yesterday. It was a big job, but totally worth the effort. Now, for the next six months we’ll enjoy having their little faces brighten up our yard — even during the grayest of winter days.

The most wonderful thing about pansy season,
is that (unlike summer)no weeding is required.

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