For Collie Lovers Only (I love Lucy!)

Lucille Elizabeth Carolina Spring (born January 28, 2011)

Today is our dog Lucy’s birthday!

Lucy drives her first bobcat.

So today’s blog post is dedicated to her first year of life.

Lucy is the second Collie we’ve had, and she came from a breeder near Nashville called “Totally Devoted Collies.” There aren’t too many collies to be found in South Carolina, so we decided it would be worth the trip to Tennessee to pick up our Collie puppy.

Our first Collie was named Chloe, and she came from a farm in Wisconsin. We had her with us for over 13 years and she was the best dog we could imagine. We waited over three years after she was gone to dog heaven, before deciding to replace her.

Getting another Collie was probably the best decision of the last 12 months. She has brought so much joy and laughter into our home.

We love you LUCY!!! Thanks for adding so much fun to our life.

(Sorry you can’t read this…maybe by the time you’re two you’ll have that trick down too.)

Below is a slide show from the past 12 months of her life.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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