For Collie Lovers Only (I love Lucy!)

Today is our dog Lucy’s birthday! So today’s blog post is dedicated to her first year of life. Lucy is the second Collie we’ve had, and she came from a breeder near Nashville called “Totally Devoted Collies.” There aren’t too many collies to be found in South Carolina, so we decided it would be worth […]

Skytop Apple Orchard (Another Conspiracy)

Happy Birthday! I was commissioned to create this painting as a surprise birthday gift. It’s inspired by photos I took while picking apples on the most beautiful autumn afternoon. If you haven’t been to Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock, NC it is worth the trip for the panoramic mountain views.  To read the story behind this […]

My Blue-eyed Mom (The Conspiracy Part 2)

The beautiful blue eyes of Ma Belle Mere inspired this pair of French Paintings. Southern France is one of my mother’s loves. So for Christmas, I painted her a set of paintings to remind her of the beauty of her beloved French countryside. Having never been to France myself, I simply tried to capture what […]

12 Ways to use your Creativity in 2012

1.) Make a new wreath for your front door You would not believe how often I hear the phrase “I wish I were an artist.” This always makes me sad, because in my mind, anyone who spends time using their creativity IS an artist. So in the spirit of trying to “make more artists” this […]

I take NO credit for this. (Refrigerator art comes a long way)

I wish I COULD say I had something to do with this. Instead, this beautiful design on my refrigerator is the artistic handiwork of our 8-year-old son. I wish I were the kind of mom that said “Hey… let’s get out those new magnets and make something cool together.” I didn’t do or say anything […]

First Friday is happening again in Greenville tonight!

It’s the FIRST FRIDAY of the New Year! Here’s just a few of the NEW things you’ll find at our studio tonight if you make it to FIRST FRIDAY from 6-9 pm. We have a new name… Formerly “201 Studios” we are now “Art Crossing MARKETPLACE” We have a new artist… Meet John Moore, wood-carver […]

I’ve been part of a conspiracy. (part 1)

One of my favorite things as an artist is to participate in a conspiracy. (A conspiracy to delight somebody with a painting they were NOT expecting.) Lucky me! The last half  of 2011 gave me opportunity to work on four paintings that were each commissioned as surprise gifts. “O’Shaughnessy Castle” was the first one delivered. […]