Turning Pumpkins into Snowmen

This cute snowman was once two pumpkins. To make this project, all I did was spray-painted the pumpkins white, put a nail between the head and the body, carved a hole for the carrot nose, and dressed her in a baby-sized hat and a scarf made by tying two girls-sized knee socks together. Super quick and EASY! (Do you see our dog Lucy in the window? She is giving her nod of approval.)

Every now and then there are days that I am particularly happy to be ME.

On the day I finished this little pumpkin into snowman project, I was so completely pleased with myself — for two reasons.

1. I dreamed up this super cute, super simple way to use my pumpkins all winter, saving them from a slow and lonely death in the compost pile
2. I didn’t stress out that it didn’t turn out perfectly

I often tell my easy-going, steady-personality, engineering-minded-genius of a husband “I wish I were YOU. It would be so much easier.”

HOWEVER, on the day my two pumpkin snowmen were birthed to life, I was happy to be ME!

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