12 for 12! Winter Berries calendar for December

December 2011 desktop calendar • WINTER BERRIES • 36 inches x 24 inches • ©2010 Marie Scott

Behold: The 12th calendar, for the 12th month of the year!

It’s a satisfying feeling to have “made good” on my promise to provide a calendar for every month of 2011. I love to accomplish things… especially long-term goals.

But now that this little project is over, the questions begin to arise in my mind…

“Does anyone use these?” • “Is this project accomplishing its goal of spreading beauty?” •  “Should I keep doing this for 2012?” 

Without your feedback, I’m not sure how I will answer these questions, so I’d appreciate your thoughts.

If I am making 12 people happy with these desktop calendars, then PERHAPS I’ll continue on with this monthly  tradition for ’12. If NOT, no love will be lost. I’m MOST CERTAIN I’ll think of some other project to fill my time, and allow me to cross things off my list.

Cast your vote here…

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2 thoughts on “12 for 12! Winter Berries calendar for December

  1. I say yes! I don’t use them every single month – right now I have one with a quote that says “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth; then I ask myself the same question.” because I needed a little kick in the pants. But I love using yours because they are so lovely and they make me smile when I think of you guys!


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