40 years of marriage deserves a Big Vacation

Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, and Happy Birthday! As of today, my parents have been married for about 41.75 years. In the spring of 2010 they took a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate both their 40th Anniversary and 60th Birthdays. This painting is a Christmas gift for my dad. I painted it from one of the many beautiful […]

A sunny morning on Pawleys Island

Here is a commissioned oil painting I just completed of a beach home on Pawleys Island, South Carolina. My main goal in this piece was to capture the feeling of waking up early on a sunny summer vacation morning. I hope my clients like it! Click here to see this painting on my website. Or […]

my first dinosaur painting

PAWLEYS DINOSAUR • 16 inches x 12 inches • ©2011 Marie Scott Here’s my latest painting “Pawleys Dinosaur” — inspired by an iron gate located on Pawleys Island. Click here to see this painting on my website. Below is a quick movie show photos of this piece in progress…

My new view.

I’m all moved into Art Crossing 201 Studios. I miss the windows in my home studio. I miss working near my family too. I do love the setting of this new studio… I couldn’t ask for a better morning walk. So we’ll just see how it goes working downtown in my new space. I’m here […]

A new calendar for a new month

Happy September! Enjoy your new calendar. (And a brand new month.) Click here to subscribe to my mailing list to receive your new desktop calendar each month!