Sunrise over the Cooper River Bridge

COOPER RIVER BRIDGE • 16 inches x 12 inches • ©2011 Marie Scott

“Gilligan’s” is painting number ten in a series of ten pieces I created to remember my a trip to Charleston, SC.

This painting was inspired by a photo I took on our last morning in the city. We got up before dawn so that we could get home and get Nathan to school by 10am.

Before we left town, we couldn’t resist taking a quick drive over the Cooper River Bridge. The sun was just peeking over the horizon as we crested the bridge, making for awe-inspiring views.

I love the contrast in this painting between the bridge and the sky. The first is an amazing man-made structure, and the second is an ongoing reminder of God’s goodness.

He doesn’t have to make the sunrise a beautiful thing, yet so many mornings it’s a breathtaking reminder of His love painted across the sky.

Here’s a short video showing photos of this painting in progress. The song is called “Wonderful Maker” and is sung by Jeremy Camp.

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