Things I love about my life…

TRADD ST. • 16 inches x 20 inches • ©2011 Marie Scott

All these little paintings I’ve been creating showing snapshots of Charleston, SC are a series inspired by photos I took on my 40th birthday (which was 11/11/10 to be exact.)

Looking back on that particular day, I remember being so thankful that our son was seven — and not a baby anymore. I love that he will gladly walk for miles around the city with us, happy to be out exploring a new place together.

The baby phase of his life was hard for me. But once he became a little person with whom I could carry on a conversation, for me that’s when the fun began.

When I stop think about it, I realize there are so many things I love about my life, and the season I’m in right now.

I love that my husband took us to Charleston for a fun getaway… I love that the window boxes in Charleston are in full bloom just weeks before Thanksgiving… I love that I live within a half-day drive of such an exotic and inspiring city… I love the fact that even though I was rudely turned away by a gallery on that very same day, when I look back I only remembered the things that really matter… I love that I’m caring less and less about my “business,” but enjoying the act of painting, even more and more as the year flies by.

The song in the short video clip below brought back a flood of memories. It’s from a CD that we played as our son’s “bedtime music” from the day he was born until he was I-don’t-even-remember-how-old (12 months? 14 months?) It’s called Thanksgiving: A Windham Hill Collection
and it’s got to be the most soothing music I’ve ever listened to. And believe me, I’ve listened to it hundreds of times.

I just burned the whole CD onto a disk and gave it to Nathan. He’s listening to it as I’m writing. But this time… he took care of all the nighttime details all on his own. I so love that he’s not a baby anymore, but the older and more fun he becomes, the faster time flies. I better savor it while it lasts!

Here’s that short video showing a snapshot in time I painted to help remember a perfect day in Charleston.

The song is called “We Gather Together” and is performed by Paul Mccandless, Philip Aaberg & Michael Manring.

6 thoughts on “Things I love about my life…

  1. I love it!!!!!!!Best yet! It better sell.I’m glad you grew up also.I didn’t like long car rides with no one talking.


    • I wonder if there’s any correlation with us being both being control/order freaks and us both also not liking the baby stage? 🙂 Tim’s been gone all week, so Nathan and I have had lots of together time. It’s so nice that he’s old enough to be helpful with our puppy, take care of himself, AND make me laugh.


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