Less is more. Spring Decor.

I wanted a more airy look for spring. How nice that the Amaryllis bulb I planted in January finally started to grow this week. It brings a feeling of NEW LIFE into the room.

This fun new spring pillow came from TJ Maxx. In the store, I wasn't so crazy about it. But I could picture my fashionable sister-in-law liking it. Brought it home on a trial basis, and fell in love. Went back that evening and bought it's twin! I really like how the round circular pattern of ribbon repeats a motif found in the fabric of my window treatments and existing pillows.

I had seen the set of three square votive candles during my first trip to TJ. When I went back for pillow #2, I added these to the cart. I LOVE how they match the other bottles I already had lurking around. But I think they add a contemporary edge to the mantle, which matches the feel of the 2 new spring pillows.

Carrots. Eggs. Bowl. Each were gifts from special people. This spring I combined them for a new arrangement!

I'm not sure what made me think of it, but I tried a smaller piece of art over my fireplace for spring, and I LOVE it. This painting was actually taken from a photo I took not far from our home in the spring of 2009 when we first moved to Travelers Rest, SC. Click on the image to read the story behind this piece. FARMVIEW RD. • 24 inches x 30 inches • ©2009 Marie Scott

Less IS more!

Less for me to dust on Tuesday afternoons. Less pillows for my friends to move when they sit on our furniture every Tuesday night. (LESS is a relative term.)

LESS is a relative term.

So for spring, here’s MY version of LESS.

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