gold vs. black (cast your vote!)

I found out this week that I was accepted into the Picolo Spoleto Outdoor Juried Fine Art Exhibition, held in Charleston, SC this May and June. It’s part of the events surrounding the Spoleto Festival USA, which I guess is a pretty big deal for South Carolina. I’m still deciding whether to participate in the […]

“sabbath rest” (done!)

Here’s the second painting in my pair of large square marsh paintings. The photo that inspired this painting was one I took during the Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival in 2009. Have you ever visited the Low Country of South Carolina? I find it to be quite breath-taking. Why the title? About the time I […]

“still waters” (done!)

I finished up two paintings this week! It’s a big pair of square marsh paintings. Watch the slide show above if you want to see its progress from start to finish.

Christmas Cards and Clementines

What have you done with all the cards you received over the Holidays? This year, we’re using ours as a reminder to pray for our family and friends throughout the year. I spelled out the word “pray” on our refrigerator using some cute letter magnets that my sister-in-law gave me one year, to remind me […]

Still snowed in! (another coloring sheet for making more art)

Four snow days this week, plus the already scheduled days off for Friday and Monday = A 10-day Weekend! I was supposed to be teaching “art day” at my son Nathan’s school on Thursday but it got snowed out! In preparation for my talk to all the 4th grade budding-artists, I made a few sheets […]

my 24-hour painting is done! “main st. bridge”

“You win some you lose some.” Since moving to Greenville in 2008, when it comes to my art, I feel like it’s been more heavily weighted to the “lose some” side. So much so, that I almost didn’t participate in Greenville’s Metropolitan Arts Council’s  FLAT OUT UNDER PRESSURE competition that took place on January 7 […]

ANOTHER snow-day in South Carolina??! (make some more art!)

It snowed about 7 inches today here in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. So since there are no plows to remove the snow, we will just wait for it to melt. I LOVE THAT. School is already cancelled for tomorrow too, and I’m guessing it will be on Wednesday too. Whoo-hoo! Click here to download another snow […]

24 hours to paint a Masterpiece

I’ve got 24 hours to create an oil painting for the Metropolitan Arts Council’s “FLAT OUT UNDER PRESSURE” competition which today. At 9am I’ll be in downtown Greenville at the M.A.C. Office getting my blank canvas stamped. (They do this to make sure you don’t start before Friday morning.) I’ll then drive back to my […]

A little help to get you started making some art…

Here’s a snowman I sketched over Christmas break. I printed two copies out on watercolor paper, and then my son Nathan and I painted them together. It started out all fun and games… but then unfortunately, the right side of my brain took over. (The side where there are no words or concept of time.) […]

My New Year’s Gift to you: a January Calendar!

It’s a new YEAR, a new MONTH, and even a new DECADE. To celebrate, I’ve made this January 2011 Calendar for your computer’s desktop. Just click on the image, save it to your desktop, and then make that image your wallpaper. Voila! Your first accomplishment for the new decade. HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Click here to […]