a new decade starts tomorrow

I love opening up my new calendars and seeing not only the new images I’ll enjoy throughout the year, but the possibilities the blank pages mean. What will I accomplish? What will I see? What new things will God teach me this year? It dawned on me this week that not only is the YEAR […]

Who’s got my paintings?

As I look back on 2010, I’m so thankful for the many people who bought my oil paintings this year. Here’s a public declaration of my gratitude to these fine folks with such excellent taste in art. 🙂 “Thank you for liking my art enough to make space for it in both your homes and […]

Not feeling the “Merry?”

Christmas isn’t a feel-good holiday for everyone. If you’re needing some HOPE in your life, the message our pastor gave on Sunday helped to lift my spirits. You can listen to “THE MONARCHY WE NEED” by clicking here.

sewing up a storm

By now you may be seeing a trend. I am in love with pillows. I spent an entire week this month doing some sewing. And I’m still not done! The new plan to feed my obsession for pillows, is make new COVERS for the pillows I already have. Covers that simply zip on and off […]

GSP has Decked the Halls

Tim took this photo with his phone when he arrived back at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport late last night (which was technically this morning.) How nice of him to KNOW that I would love seeing a picture of the Poinsettia Tree. Considering that it was 2am when he finally arrived home from being stuck at […]

an early christmas gift

We just got back from meeting my mom and dad in Savannah, GA for a 4-day weekend to celebrate Christmas together. My parents gave us the beautiful silver bowl as a gift. I especially love what it says, knowing  that the saying is the reason my mom choose it for us. “Family is belonging to […]

Merry Christmas, Mary!

My oil painting called “O Christmas Tree” is on its way to the Midwest today! A long-time collector of mine bought it as a surprise for his wife. I think it will definitely brighten up their winter. 🙂

a painting for myself (“winter berries” done!)

I’ve finished a Christmas present for me (from me.) It’s still on my easel drying, but hopefully it will be ready to hang over my fireplace by the weekend. You can watch the two-minute video below if you’d like to see it come to life — from start to finish. The song you’ll hear in the […]