painting “beach chairs”


This photo is the inspiration for my next photo from Hilton Head Island. It's going to be called BEACH CHAIRS.



DAY 1: Here's my drawing. After some thought, I decided to erase the chair and umbrella on the left side so that the focus of the painting was the pair of chairs in the middle of the canvas.



The first area I started with painting was the sky.



Then I painted the umbrella.



DAY 2: More sky, more umbrellas...



Here's the paint I'm using for the umbrellas, water, sky, and people.



Next I worked on the water... and then the large beach chairs. I wanted to make sure you felt like you were looking through the mesh fabric on the chairs. This was a little tricky. To get the feeling of the mesh impeding your view, I added gray to the areas I was painting that you'd see through the chair fabric.



When the chairs were done, I added more little chairs and little people sitting down near the water.



The last thing to paint was the sand. Stay tuned tomorrow to see the finished piece!


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