Pretty, yellow walls… (“mt. tam Part 7)

My business has seen better days (and weeks, and years.) The economy has wreaked havoc with my sales during each and every one of  the juried art shows I’ve done this fall. I’m seriously questioning whether or not I should continue painting, and wondering how I will stay in business in 2011. But then I […]

new prints of sunflower #5!

Last winter I completed a series of five sunflower paintings. And then sure enough, my very favorite one of the five sold. Since it was sold to a client in Milwaukee, before making the delivery I decided to have it “captured” by my fine art printer, Prime Digital Media (which is also located in Milwaukee.)  That […]

done! “hilton head marsh #3″

This piece is the final installment in the series of six small oil paintings I’ve created called “Scenes from Hilton Head Island.” When I uploaded the finished image to my website, I realized that it’s the 200th painting I have showing on my site. There might be a few paintings lurking around that have never […]

painting “hilton head marsh #3″

One day during our visit to Hilton Head Island last July, we spent the morning biking through the wildlife preserve that was adjacent to Hilton Head. The three marsh paintings from my series “Scenes from Hilton Head Island” were all inspired by our quiet bike ride.

Do dogs enjoy looking at art? (Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival 2010)

We spent the weekend down near Hilton Head, SC at the Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival. It was a gorgeous weekend full of inspiring views and delicious food. As typical for an outdoor art festival, we saw MANY dogs walking down the street both days. However, the unusual thing at this particular  show, was that […]

done! “hilton head marsh #2″

    Here’s the fifth of six paintings in my new series of small oil paintings called “Scenes from Hilton Head Island.” You can visit my website to see the entire series…

painting “hilton head marsh #2″

                                        This is painting number five in my series of six small pieces called “Scenes from Hilton Head Island.” I sure do love the marshes of the Low Country. They are quiet, and peaceful, and full […]

Early birds save in Bluffton, SC!

    Tim and I will be spending the weekend near Hilton Head, South Carolina at the Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival. Even though it’s not a vacation, we’re still hoping to squeeze in some fresh local seafood, and refreshing Low Country views of the May River. Since we DO NOT want to pack up […]

done! “hilton head marsh #1″

    Here’s painting four in my series of six paintings called “Scenes from Hilton Head Island.” You can read the story behind this painting by clicking here… the link will take you to my website.