Waterfalls! (Hiking at Table Rock State Park)

One of the many waterfalls you'll view from the trail at Table Rock State Park in South Carolina.

I thought this rock wall was quite striking.

The sounds of rushing water were soothing to my soul.

Natalie was brave enough to follow Tim and Nathan across this fallen tree. (Even with her camera! I played it safe and stayed on the path.)

We saw several of these mini irises in bloom. How did they get transplanted here into the middle of nowhere?

Tim and Nathan heading up...

then crossing the bridge.

Another waterfall...

and yet another waterfall!

My good friend Natalie is here, visiting us from Wisconsin for a long weekend. Just like me, she can’t go too long without seeing live trees and grass before it wears her down.

So that is why she’s here… to get a good “fix” of GREEN until spring is fully in bloom in her neck of the woods.

On Saturday we drove to Table Rock State Park and hiked a two-mile trail that runs beside all kinds of waterfalls.

Here’s just a taste of some of the beauty we were surrounded by on Saturday morning.


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