Coming Soon… a new art gallery in Greenville!

Here's the 10' wall where you'll find my paintings at the LC Art Gallery. As you can see, they are still in the final stages of construction.

I just signed a contract with LC Art Gallery to be one of their 30+ Gallery Artists!

Located at 123b South Main Street (across from the Poinsett Hotel) in Greenville, SC the LC Art Gallery is in the heart of the downtown shopping district. The gallery will open for business beginning on March 1, 2010 and has Grand Opening Events planned for both March 5 & 6th.

LC Art Gallery will be open 7 days a week, and also plans to exhibit work outside (on the patio next to Soby’s) during the Farmer’s Market every Saturday.

I can't wait to hang my paintings on this perfectly blank, boring wall. I'm going to start with exhibiting my  SUNFLOWER series.

I also get to use this 2' wide wall. I'm going to hang my framed prints on this narrow wall.

sunflower series
framed prints

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