Pot-Holder Pillow! (a super simple sewing project)

This cute little winter pillow was once a POT-HOLDER. My mom gave it to me last January when they came to visit us, but I thought it was way too cute to be spending most of the time in my drawer, simply waiting for me to set something hot on it. So instead of using it as pot-holder (as it was intended,) I turned it into a PILLOW! All I did was slit open the seam on the bottom, and add pillow stuffing into the hole I created. Then I hand-stitched that hole shut, and Viola! I had a super-cute little pillow to brighten up my winter days. Talk about instant gratification! Just make sure when you go looking for a pot-holder to use for a pillow, that it is only sewn together around the sides. You should be able to pull it apart before doing anything to it. (Then the pillow-stuffing will go in between the front and back.)

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