Which paintings sold in 2009?

"winter tree #12"

I sold 13 oil paintings in 2009! Here’s a look at some of them…

Considering the fact that in November, 2008 we moved half-way across the country to a place where I had zero contacts, I think I did pretty well re-establishing myself as an Artist this year! God blessed my business by allowing me to meet some new patrons in the South, and then also by reconnecting with clients from the Midwest this past year.

I was encouraged that most of the paintings I sold were ones I had created since moving into my new studio in May, 2009. If my latest work sells, then I must be on the right track! It does make me a little sad to sell my newest paintings before I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time enjoying them. Both “shore path” and “travelers rest” sold within weeks of being dry enough to transport. I would have liked to have hung on to those two a little bit longer, but  was thankful that they found new homes.

For a look at my most recent pieces, be sure to check out the “what’s new” section on my website.

"shore path" 30 x 40

"travelers rest" (24" x 30")

"barn #4" (12" x 12")

"SC tree #5" (8" x 8")

"SC tree #4" (8" x 8")

"SC Tree #10" (8" x 8")

"SC tree #8" (8" x 8")

"wild flowers" (30" x 40")

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