Colonial Williamsburg at Christmas

We spent a long weekend in Williamsburg, VA to help celebrate my mom's birthday. She didn't know that we'd be there, so it was such a fun surprise for all of us to pull off! The village was all decked out for Christmas, so I snapped a few photos to give you some ideas for decorating the outside of your home for Christmas. Everything in the village was made from leaves, pine branches, dried flowers, and fruit. It was truly inspiring!

There are wreaths on just about every door...

There are wreaths on all the windows!

I love this rounded door...

It was a beautiful sunny winter morning. (Much too cold for me, but beautiful nonetheless!)

My parents treated us to a carriage ride that toured the village. This was the first carriage Tim and I had been on since our wedding day (16 years ago!) The driver was full of interesting information about all the sights we were seeing.

Some homes we saw on our carriage ride...

I took this photo on Sunday morning. By late afternoon the streets were packed. They expected that 30,000 people came down to watch the "Grand Illumination Cermony" that evening.

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