Happy Birthday to ME! [ means a birthday special for YOU! ]


"iris" oil painting. ©2008 by artist Marie Scott

11/11/70 was the day I was born. So today I actually am turning 39 on my birthday this year! (I had always been planning to never use that phrase “turning 39” again after this year, but since watching The Office last week and seeing Michael dump Pam’s mom because of her “old” age, I decided I better not make any promises regarding lying about my age.)

In  honor of my birthday, which falls on my favorite date of the calendar — 11/11, I am having a special sale on some of my  earlier oil paintings.

Here’s the DEAL: any available oil painting created in 2008 (or before) will qualify for a special 11% discount off the price listed on my web site. Contact me through my web site any time between now through Thanksgiving Day, and I will give you an 11% discount off the price of any (2008 or earlier) original paintings you choose to purchase!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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